About Master Keith

Starting in 1972 Master Keith has had an interest and appreciation for the world of fetish for all his adult life.

Master Keith left school at 15, taking up an apprenticeship in car bodyworks. In he 1974 started working as a mechanic and opened his own workshop soon after, aged 19. He accumulated welding skills and other talents that would come in handy later building his dungeons.

Toying with voyeurism, Master Keith in his new car with his (soon to be) wife would have fun experimenting with outdoor sex. They also found an interest in BDSM activities, as their mutual interest grew Master Keith became more and more active in the fetish scene.

During the 80’s as his popularity grew Master Keith became involved in the porn industry. He created and collaborated on kinky, fetish and BDSM films. His career in this is still going strong to this day. Master Keith became a well known name in the community in the UK, Germany and Holland as well as in the USA.  Master Keith was, and still is, a regular figure in the clubs and parties of the scene.

During the 90’s Master Keith continued to play in private and professionally.  He also started The Gate Club, a long running play-focused Fetish club that still runs to this day.

Master Keith was already well known for his cabarets and toured the world putting on and participating in fetish shows and galas.

To this day Master Keith continues to be active in the scene, running The Gate Club, making movies and playing in the heart of the fetish community. He is a well-known professional Dominant for males and females alike.keith-and-olga-gate-site-39295x407px

For more information email master@thegateclub.co.ukkeith-and-olga-gate-site-large-25